Weissenburger Platz Fountain and Square in Munich in the summertime.

Weissenburger Platz: Popular, Lively & Local Fountain Square

Weissenburger Platz is a picturesque Munich square located in the Haidhausen district of Munich. Not really “hidden” obviously, but certainly, Weissenburger Platz is off the beaten Munich tourist track that’s for sure.

The centerpiece of the square is the beautiful Glaspalast-Brunnen fountain, which was designed by August von Voit in 1853 and has been a popular meeting spot west of the River Isar for well over a century.

Whilst there’s not a lot to this fun inner-city pedestrian square besides the flora and fountain, the area surrounding is fabulous, local, and inviting.

We hope you enjoy this short read on Weissenburger Platz, the fountain, and the Haidhausen district and we’d love to hear from you about your experiences in the area.

Where is Weissenburger Platz

Weissenburger Platz is centrally located in the Haidhausen district of Munich around 2 km east of the city center. The actual address is Weißenburger Platz, 81667, Munich

The district here is known for its charming narrow streets, colorful houses, and cozy pubs. The district is home to a variety of cultural attractions, including museums, galleries, and theaters.

This area is actually known as the “French Quarter” of Munich but is largely missed by the bulk of tourists. Thus it has a real friendly, locals feel to it.

There are many nice cafes located around the square and it’s extremely popular both in the warmer months and in the winter when it transforms into a bit of a festive wonderland.

What To See at Weissenburger Platz

In the spring, the square is especially stunning with all of the flowers and shrubs in bloom. 

Mums in Munich love it here as the square is also a great spot for walking your baby or chasing pigeons or butterflies with little ones. The soothing sound of flowing and trickling water seems to help calm babies to sleep very easily here at Weissenburger Platz.

The Glass Palace Fountain

The spectacular 5 tiered fountain in the center of the square, is a great place to relax and enjoy the peaceful sound of water. At night, the fountain is softly illuminated, adding to its beauty.

The actual name of the fountain is the Glaspalast-Brunnen (Glass Palace Fountain) and it was originally an installation in the old Munich Botanical Gardens but was eventually moved here to Weissenburger Platz. 

The Christmas Markets of Weissenburger Platz

During the Christmas season, the square and surrounds are home to a small and super friendly local Christmas market which these days has upwards of 60 or so stalls. 

The markets have a far less touristy feel than the main Christmas Markets of Munich that are found in and around Marienplatz in the Old Town.

The aroma of roasting chestnuts, all manner of mouthwatering Bavarian treats, spiced mulled wine, and warm pastries wafts through the air in the festive season. You can trust us when we say that the streets are certainly abuzz with the lively atmosphere and festive spirit of the season. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more delightful place to get into the holiday spirit in Munich than right here at Weissenburger Platz where the Christmas Market has been a local favourite for over 4 decades.

Getting to Weissenburger Platz

Getting around Munich and getting to Weissenburger Platz is very easy and there are a number of different ways to travel to the destination. The list below describes the easiest options from the center of Munich.

By Train: Munich Ostbahnhof is around 300 meters walk to the east of Weissenburger Platz and is served on both the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn with regular direct trains to Marienplatz and the Munich Hauptbahnhof. Munich Rosenheimer Platz station stands only about 100 meters from the fountain and is served also by the S-Bahn.

By Tram: Routes 25 and 21 are the closest stopping at Rosenheimer Platz (25) and Ostbahnhof (21) respectively. Very short walks from either will find you in the square.

By Foot or Cycle: A 10-minute cycle or twenty-five-minute walk from Marienplatz is all it would take to find yourself in the middle of Weissenburger Platz.

We have plenty of up-to-date info and downloadable transport maps courtesy of the MVG on our Maps of Munich web page.

Weissenburger Platz | Should You Visit? 

We’ve spent a fair bit of time in this area and we love the friendly feel of the Haidhausen district and we definitely love the Christmas Market here, so we highly recommend a visit.

Other things to do nearby to fill your day in the area might be to visit the Munich public transport MVG Museum the Maximilianeum or perhaps stroll along the Isar River.

Have you been here before to this area? If so we’d love to hear of your experiences in the area so please do drop us a message via our Contacts Page

Thanks for reading and take care everyone!

When Is The Weißenburger Platz Christkindlmarkt?

Weissenburger Platz Munich Christmas Market

In 2022 the Weißenburger Platz Christkindlmarkt ran from 11th November through to 2pm on Christmas Eve. 2023 dates have yet to be released.

What Is Weissenburger Platz Named After?

Weißenburger Platz fountain in Munich in Spring

Weissenburger Square (Weißenburger Platz) itself is named after the French city of Wissembourg in the Alsace region of Northwestern France. Wissembourg was the site of the first German victory in the Franco-Prussian War which instigated the initiation of the German invasion of France.