MVG Museum Munich featuring an old yellow tram

MVG Museum: Munich’s Public Transport Museum

Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft – The Munich Public Transport Museum

Do you have an interest in Public Transport? Well if so, then the MVG Museum Munich, is definitely for you!

The MVG Museum is located in Munich and is available to members of the public looking to learn more about the history of the Munich public transportation systems.

The museum itself is situated on around 5,000 square meters of floor space and has numerous exhibits for visitors to see, making it an exciting day out for anyone who has a passion for transport and vehicles.

So if you’ve heard of it, and have ever thought about visiting the Munich MVG Museum, then this is the article for you!

We hope you enjoy the read.

What Can I See at The MVG Museum?

The MVG Museum is, first and foremost, a public transport museum, and it’s home to numerous examples of public transport within the city across the past couple of centuries.

Over 5,000 square meters of exhibition space is covered here and rails actually run right through the facility extending for over 130 meters.

Visitors can take in the magic of the old trams, buses, and work vehicles throughout the museum, each of which tells a slightly different story. The history of Public Transport in Munich goes back to even horse and cart, so the exhibits cover a wide range of transport options that have been available to Munich residents and visitors for many years.

In addition to the main exhibits, the MVG Museum also has several other attractions on offer for visitors. Though exhibits change occasionally, some of the most popular include the model railroad, numerous historical paintings and photographs, a small cinema, and even a subway/train simulator from the 1980s, all of which contribute to the experience of visiting the MVG Museum.

There is also an exhibition hall here showcasing some impressive vintage BMW models that were used by the public sector of Bavaria over the mid to late 1900s.

As well as serving as a Museum, the MVG Museum is also a host of numerous events; for example, Braukunst Live! – Munich’s premier craft brewing event and show, has been held at the MVG Museum annually since 2012.

The Museum is available to hire for corporate events and business showcases and is often booked out for such events during the week.

Where Is The MVG Museum?

The MVG Museum is located in Munich obviously; but more specifically, it’s found within the historically-protected Ausbesserungswerk that stands at Ständlerstraße 20, in Ramersdorf. It’s an old railway facility that’s steeped in historical significance and meaning.

Despite the area having a reputation of being a Munich Hotspot for social problems, the area located nearby the MVG Museum is slowly gentrifying and gaining in popularity, especially for families who can no longer afford exorbitant inner-city Munich prices.

The suburb of Ramersdorf and the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft is about 5kms to the southeast of the Munich city centre.

How To Get To The MVG Museum?

Getting to the museum is even more special in July when the Sommerfest is on, as a tram shuttle service leads directly to the museum, contributing to its charm and magic.

Normally, however, the best way to get to the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft is as follows:

  • Tram – E7 is direct on the days the museum is open. Alternately take tram 18 to “Schwanseestrasse”
  • Bus – O7 directly to the museum on days it’s open, or bus line 139/145 to “Ständerstrasse”
  • Train – Giesing on the U2 line of the Munich u-Bahn is the closest station and the museum is around a half a kilometer walk south.
  • Car – There is parking and the museum’s location is close to Munich’s main ring road, the MITTLERER RING, which means it’s easy to access from anywhere in the city.

How To How Much Does the MVG Museum Cost?

The MVG Museum is unfortunately not a free attraction, but the entrance costs are very reasonable, which makes it a great place to visit, especially if you’re already in the area. Do definitely CHECK the Museum opening times before visiting though (details in paragraph below).

Children’s tickets cost €2.50, while adult tickets cost €3.00; alternatively, if Visiting Munich as a family, you can get a family ticket to the museum for just €6.00 – potentially saving a little money that you could instead spend on some of the museum’s many other events and attractions.

What Is The Best Time to Visit the MVG Museum?

One of the unique features of the MVG Museum is that it’s only open to members of the public for two Sundays a month and it is actually operated and administered by members and experts of the museum itself. Because of this you absolutely MUST check THIS WEBSITE to be sure you have the correct Sunday that the Museum is open, as the day often varies from month to month.

If you’ve been thinking of visiting the museum, it’s recommended to plan your stay in Munich around this time. Visiting the MVG Museum usually lasts for around one to two hours, although if there are any transport fanatics in your household, you may want to allow slightly longer.

Visiting pre-lunchtime for opening may be best although of course, it depends on how busy the museum maybe that particular day. The MVG Museum itself is actually open from 11am to 5pm on the days it operates. Again, make sure you check the

The MVG Museum is typically busier when other events are being hosted in Munich, such as the Sommerfest celebrations or Oktoberfest.

Is the MVG Museum? Suitable For Kids

While the majority of attractions in the MVG Museum are tailored to an adult audience, the MVG Museum is also an excellent destination for any kids who love technology and vehicles!

As such, if you’ve been looking for a family event, the MVG Museum could be a good option to consider – but be aware that young children may be less inclined to spend as long looking at the individual vehicles.

However, the great thing is that you can actually go inside some of the old trams, trains, and buses and kids generally LOVE this facet of the Museum. The staff here have a reputation of being very knowledgeable and are noted on Trip Advisor as being “full of smiles”.

There is also a small cafe on the premises so grabbing a meal or snack here is not an issue. The gift shop is popular for kids with its array of models and small matchbox-sized vehicles that are on sale.

Still, as its quite straightforward to get to the Museum conversely, it’s also easy to depart should your kids not find the “vintage vehicles” within to be of interest.

MVG Museum: Munich Public transport time Travel

The MVG Museum in Munich really is an experience in time travel, and it takes you back to how things were in the city of a bygone era.

You can learn a lot of cool things here about transportation, and from the excellently maintained reproduction of a railroad to the vintage vehicles and models, you can be CERTAIN that bus, car, train, and vehicle enthusiasts will absolutely love it here!

Cheers and thanks for reading, as always if you have anything to add we’d love to hear from you so just drop us an email via our contacts page.

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