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Is Munich Safe?

Yes. Munich is widely recognised as being an extremely safe city.

In fact, global statistics reporting company Numbeo backs up the answer to the question of Is Munich Safe with data and actually has Munich listed as 2021’s eighth safest city in the world.

Statistics can be manipulated, however, and reality sometimes differs, but speak with almost any resident of Munich personally, and they’ll tell you the same thing in that they’re proud of how safe their city is.

With a population of 1.5 million, Munich offers so many things to do and enjoying your time here is of paramount importance to the local authorities so they work very hard to ensure that safety is always at the top of their tourism and domestic agendas.

Is Munich Safe For Tourists?

Yes. Visitors and international tourists to this fantastic Bavarian city definitely don’t need to (overly) worry about crime and about feeling unsafe walking the streets of Munich. Just be aware and diligent much as you normally would be anywhere.

Is Munich Safe At Night?

The shadiest part of the city, probably best to be avoided at night, is around the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) but again, as a comparison to other shady areas of other cities such as London or Paris, it’s actually not that bad.

Is Munich Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Yes. Obviously, you’d take the normal precautions walking alone as a female solo traveller or resident just the same as you would anywhere else, but you will have no problems walking around alone in Munich. Thousands of women do so in the city every day.

As with any of the countries you may visit in Europe, you should be aware that drinking in public is legal in many public areas, so a female who is alone may feel a little less safe due to the incidences of public nuisance which do occur, especially after local football matches.

Is Munich Safe To Live?

Yes. Just ask any local and they’ll tell you this is so. As stated earlier Munich residents are proud of the security in their city. In fact Bavaria is Germany’s safest state. Here, in southern Germany, it’s very unusual that you’ll experience threatening behaviour or be exposed to crime. Bavaria actually has the lowest crime rates in the entire Federal Republic.

Is Munich Safe To Travel To?

Yes. Munich Airport (München Flughafen) and Munich’s Main Train Station (München Hauptbahnhof) have both implemented the best and most appropriate hygiene measures possible. Protecting the public and ensuring travellers to the Bavarian Capital can arrive and depart in a relaxed manner has always been the sole aim of the cities authorities.

Find out more about Coronavirus measures at Munich Airport check out their website with Federal Government updates to be found here

Travellers to and from Munich should also take note of the Simply Munich Customer Journey PDF

Munich Crime Rate: Data and Statistics

Munich is, in fact, one of the safest cities in Germany.  In fact, Munich has a safety index score of 82.68 – compare that to Sydney at 66, New York at 54, London at 47 and say Cape Town at 27 and you should start to feel relaxed straight away!

Check out all the complete data available on the Nomad List website

Munich Terror Attacks: Is Munich Dangerous?

The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre, the Oktoberfest Terror Attack in 1980 and a shooting in 2016 are the three terror-related incidents in the city that people would remember.

But overall, since technology and advances have been made in surveillance and security, there are very rarely now terrorist attacks in Germany at all. The general public and travellers to Munich however, should always remain diligent, just as they should anywhere in the world.

Munich is definitely not known as being dangerous and this applies to terror based attacks, and to overall violent crime equally.

Personal Safety Tips For Munich?

If you are concerned about your safety and are still not comfortable getting about the city alone then the following general tips should help put you at ease.

  • Make sure you are familiar with the public transport system so you know how to get back to your accommodation easily and quickly. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Always carry a city map with you for directions and follow major thoroughfares rather than small alleyways and shadowed streets. Be discreet when looking at maps and perhaps ask a shopkeeper if you require directions.
  • If you’re in a group, try and travel together. Safety in numbers!
  • Many travel websites such as Nationwide provide general excellent information and are happy to provide tips and recommendations on visiting world famous cities such a Munich so read up before you arrive.
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself by paying with wads of cash or having expensive equipment draped about your person.
  • Scammers are about in Munich, just like in any other large city, so beware of anyone trying to sell things like public transport tickets or similar and always use official channels and sales counters when purchasing public travel or tourist attraction entries.
  • Always make sure you have copies of important documents like passports with you but leave the actual original documents at your accommodations.

Is Munich Safe From Coronavirus?

Yes. Munich is as safe as any other city in Europe or the world that has taken the best possible precautions against Coronavirus and infection rates have been reduced dramatically since the start of the pandemic.

Absolute Munich has a page dedicated to topics centred on Coronavirus in Munich and you can check out more information HERE including links to the official portal which is updated daily.

Munich (and Germany) have extremely high standards of hygiene and an excellent health care system. So should you fall ill in Munich, you will be exposed to some of the best medical personnel in Europe.

Plus there is a pharmacy (Apotheke) on just about on every corner!

Conclusion: Is Munich A Safe City?

Munich, this wonderful Bavarian city here in Germany, is a city surrounded by quaint timbered medieval villages, majestic mountains and beautiful countryside. Never do we think or feel that our wonderful city is anything but safe.

Munich, and Bavaria, ARE AMONGST The Safest PartS of Germany

So, if you are contemplating a trip to one of the most beautiful German cities, which is steeped in history and culture, don’t let thoughts of dangerous crime or terrorism put you off as these are very rare occurrences in Munich.

With millions of tourists visiting this international city every year without incident, you can also enjoy Munich and feel safe walking around Munich at any time of the day or night when taking the usual precautions you would take anywhere.

Thanks for reading and we hope this information helps! Stay Safe | Bleib sicher

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