Getting From Munich to Dachau

Getting From Munich to Dachau Museum and Palace

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Getting From Munich To Dachau By Train

Train Services | With up to 570 train services per week between Munich and Dachau taking the train is by far the easiest option to get from central Munich out to Dachau. The S2 line of the München S-Bahn is the most flexible rail option and offers the most weekly services from Munich by train.

The suburb of Dachau is serviced by both the Main Dachau Train Station and Dachau Stadt Train Stations, however, more public transport options via bus to local touristic sites around Dachau are available from Dachau Bahnoff (the main Dachau Train Station).

Train Tickets | Tickets prices for the Munich to Dachau train journey can be obtained for as low as €1 with forward purchase, however, most tickets on the service average around €3 per person.

Train Times | The journey from Munich to Dachau via direct train services on the S2 is about 11 miles or 17 km and takes around 20-25 minutes maximum. On regional RB intercity services, the train journey from Munich to Dachau can be completed in as little as 11 minutes.

For the most up-to-date pricing and ticketing options on the Munich to Dachau Rail Route, please search via the Deutsche Bahn Website

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Getting From Munich To Dachau By Car

Car Times | The Journey from central Munich to Dachau by car is over a road distance of around 13 miles or 21km and takes around 25 minutes on average.

Dachauer Str. runs from almost the city center of Munich and you can take this route to its conclusion where it joins the 304 which will take you right into the heart of Dachau.

The quicker driving route is probably by jumping on The Mittlerer Ring (Munich’s Ring Road) and taking this to the 304, right by the Olympic Stadium where again, Dachau is well signposted.

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Getting From Munich To Dachau By Bus

With no direct bus service from central Munich, you’d need to change buses which is why everyone catches the train.

From Dachau train station you’ll need to grab bus number 726 which is located on the other side of the train station so just follow the blue signs that say “KZ- Gedenkstätte” which is what the Memorial Camp is called here in Germany.

Combined train and bus time from central Munich to Dachau is about 40 mins.

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Getting From Munich To Dachau on Foot

Taking around 4 hours to walk the distance between Munich Alstadt and Dachau, you’d be surprised just how many people enjoy this trek. The distance depends on your route of course but is around 20 to 21km. Faster walkers will cover the distance in three and a half hours.

Use Google Maps or something like the Map My Walk App to sort out your preferred route to add in some interesting stops along the way.

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Getting From Munich To Dachau By Bike

Taking just over an hour from Munich to Dachau, cycling is our favorite form of transportation for sure.

The distance is obviously similar to the walking distance but you can take in so much more of the city and surroundings by cycling, and take less time out of your day, which might be important if you have limited time in the city or a family in tow, which is why we prefer this method.

Again we use Google Maps or the Map My Ride app to sort out interesting cycle routes from Munich to Dachau.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Getting from Munich to Dachau

What Is The Easiest Way To Get From Munich To Dachau?

The train on the Munich S-Bahn is by far the easiest way to get from Munich to Dachau.

What Is The Quickest Way to Get From Munich To Dachau?

Car is probably the quickest way but in times of heavy traffic the train is still going to be quicker if you time it right although the Dachau train station is not that close to the main drawcard of Dachau which is the Memorial Camp.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Munich To Dachau?

The cheapest ways are by foot or bike but they will obviously also take the longest.

How Long Does The Munich To Dachau Train Take?

11 minutes is about as fast as you can expect on the quickest rail services to Dachau with the intercity rail options with other longer services that stop at more stations in between taking up to 30 mins.

Why Visit Dachau?

Dachau is home to one of the city’s most visited attractions, the Dachau Memorial Camp Site. Attracting visitors from all over the world, the site provides a powerful and emotional look at the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime during World War II. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of tolerance and the dangers of prejudice and hate.

In addition to the memorial site, Dachau offers beautiful parks and gardens, great restaurants, and a friendly community. It is a must-visit destination for those interested in war history and cultural experiences.

The old town of Munich looks like a typical sort of “Toy Town” with its central square and colorful housing and is well worth a bit of time. Their official website has all the information. Find it HERE.

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