Unique Munich Experiences highlighting Graffiti at Olympia Village in Munich

Unique Munich Experiences: Free, Budget & Beyond!

Are you searching for some further Unique Munich Experiences once you’ve completed the highly recommended Old Town City Walk.

Perhaps you’ve visited a few churches (including the magnificent Frauenkirche) and had eine Mass (a German pint) in the beer halls. Suppose you’ve already taken a stroll in the English Gardens or at the Olympic Stadium and you’ve already done a spot of shopping!

What do you do next?

You’re at that point where you’re wondering “What other things can I see and do in Munich?”, and You’ve been asking yourself what the locals do at the weekends that are Unique Munich Experiences that you might also discover for yourself?

Well, natürlich (of course), the Absolute Munich team is here to assist in answering these burning questions!

In Munich and surrounding areas, besides the annual festivals that we have covered in our other posts, there are plenty of action-packed and interesting activities to discover and experience.

Many are free, within a reasonable budget, and some cater to the exorbitantly extravagant!

Here are some of our favourite picks of Unique Munich Experiences – we hope you enjoy the read!


Graffiti Walks

The locals love spazieren gehen (strolls) and we totally agree and understand why!

The Altstadt (old city centre) is uniquely ornate with beautiful historical architecture and there are plenty of green spaces surrounded by flowing streams,.

Munich is a city that is just ideal for strolls.

Munich was not built on technology similar to many modern cities (take Toyko as an example), and Munich does not have any “Revolutionary Icons” such as the Lennon Wall in Prague. As a result many tourists often overlook Munich’s burgeoning urban art culture.

You might think graffiti art would be more suited and more interesting in a city such as Berlin, New York or London but we assure you, this is absolutely not the case.

In fact, street art actually plays a very significant role in capturing the attitude of the city.

Graffiti, street art in Munich
Tunnel in Friedensengel

In the mid-80s, Munich was actually one of the most active graffiti hubs not only in Europe but worldwide! The flea market at Dachauser Straße, being a rare legal place for youngsters to freely paint and express themselves. This is the basis of where the Munich graffiti scene boomed.

When the news broke that a few rebels had successfully sneaked into the old terminus of Munich S-Bahn, and sprayed an entire train on the night of 23/24 March 1985, even without Instagram or Twitter, many artists from over the world flocked to Munich just to leave their own individual mark on the city.

Unfortunately, like much graffiti art the world over, they are often unappreciated and are rarely permanent.

After a while, even the artists themselves were discouraged and shied away from street art so as to avoid being caught and having to pay hefty fines.

Luckily, in Munich, a non-profitable art association, Positive Propaganda e.V., founded in 2012, had a sole aim to promote public art and be “committed to social and environmental responsibility” in the process.

This then became a platform for artists and local councils to work together, allowing artists to create legal public art, showcasing the unique cultural character of the local area and of the city of Munich.

For that reason, we can now see some striking graffiti street art across the city.

To explore some of these artworks, we have a few recommendations for you. You can also use the Positive Propaganda e.V. street art map to plan your walk.

  • Tunnel in Friedensengel
  • Under the bridge at Donnersberger Brücke
  • The student housing in the Olympia Village
  • Werksviertel at Ost-Bahnhof
  • Facade at Obergiesing (opp. from Grünspitz)
  • Bahnwärter Thiel
Graffiti, street art in Munich
Graffiti in Geising

Sunshine by the Isar

The Isar River, running through the centre of the city, is a perfect location to chill out all year round!

It is, of course, the best during summer. You can enjoy a relaxing stroll, indulge in sunbathing under the warm sun, and have a splash in the (very) clean water.

As the Isar is accessible with numerous transportation options within the city centre, there are countless spots for you to chill. The most popular spots being the Englischer Garten and the Tierpark area (Munich Zoo).

So grab a towel, a picnic basket and get ready to do…..nothing!

Be aware though, on public holidays and weekends, it’s often flooded with people. So if you want to get away from the riff-raff, we recommend going south from the Tierpark.

In that area south of the Munich Tierpark you’re also permitted to grillen (have a BBQ).

Summertime sunbathing at Isar River, Munich

Just walking 20 minutes away from some of the popular spots on the River Isar, you’ll be surprised how much calmer it is and how many fewer people you’ll encounter.

With so many shaded areas and low overhanging trees near the river, the atmosphere by the Isar can definitely be tranquil when you find the right stretch of river.

The Isar definitely steps up as one of the Unique Munich Experiences to discover.

Aside from strolling, cycling and grillen by the river, the Isar is also a perfect destination for downtime reading and perhaps a skinny dip in the freshwater that flows all the way from the Austrian Alps.

Correct! You did read “skinny dip”. It’s actually very normal to see nude swimming FKK (Freikörperkultur = free body culture) in Germany. When it comes to naked swimming, Germans are very liberal. So don’t be shocked if you see naked bodies in the Isar other than kids. Hence, if you forgot your swimming trunks, just go for it!

Another thing you may notice during the warmer season are the Isar raft rides. These Floating Beer Gardens (Isar Floßfahrt) are one of the absolute best fun, crazy and totally Unique Munich Experiences available.

They do take preparation though, and you need to reserve a good 5-6 hours to really enjoy the Isar Floßfahrt experience. Plus at around €160 per person, Isar River Beer Garden Rafting is definitely not cheap.

A Small FYI: Every year, there are few accidents that have now causing rafting to be temporarily banned on the Isar. There are also new regulations on alcohol restrictions. So if you’ve planned to do one, definitely check the current news.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Unfortunately, not all fun things are free. However, we’ve found a few exciting things to do in Munich that won’t break your bank.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

In a small discrete corner not far away from the Deutsches Museum, you’ll find the Museum Lichtspiele where the Rocky Horror Picture Show has been screening here every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm incredibly, since 1977.

Thanks to the enthusiastic first audience, the showing has transformed into a party of its own.

Revellers wearing costumes of improvised props are supported by the audience “sing-a-long” that has become part of the events “fun protocols” ensuring that this event has become an institution in Munich.

This showing has become so unexpectedly popular, the owner has even renovated one of the rooms especially for this viewing. Decorated like an old theatre with plush red hanging lanterns, fresco walls and eccentric roman statues, it really sets the mood for the musical and theatrical journey that awaits you.

Not to give too many spoilers, but make sure you get a “play-along bag” at the theatre. It gives fun cues of what to during the movie: like popping paper bags at the arrival at the house or throwing rice in the wedding scene. So if you’re in for a silly night, that’s the place to go! (FYI: make sure you buy tickets ahead of time for the Halloween weekend)

So “let’s doooo the timmmewarp agaaiiin!”

Visit museums on A Sunday for Just 1 Euro


Within the Pinakotheken area you’ll find the three most important art museums of Munich: the Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Museum sign

Alte Pinakothek

This museum features artwork from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance and Baroque eras, to the Rococo of Early Italian, featuring many Old German, Dutch, and Flemish paintings.

Some of the masterpieces include artwork by Dürer, Rembrandt, Botticelli, da Vinci, Raphael, and Titian. One of the main highlights is the over 6m high oil painting by the Flemish artist, Peter Paul Rubens, The Great Last Judgement.

Neue Pinakothek

With a passion for contemporary art at the time, it was King Ludwig I himself who founded the Neue Pinakothek in 1853.

His vision was to present “art from this century and beyond” leading the way from neoclassicism and Romanticism to Art Nouveau and Impressionism.

Now set in the newly built postmodern building after the destruction from WWII, works of Goya, Turner, Delacroix, Renoir, Monet, van Gogh, Klimt, and Rodin are part of the permanent collection.

Note: Due to renovation (until 2025), the Neue Pinakothek is temporarily closed. Selected artworks are now displayed on the ground floor of Alte Pinakothek and in the Sammlung Schack.

Pinakothek der Moderne

Pinakothek der Moderne

If you enjoy contemporary art, design, and architecture, then Pinakothek der Moderne is for you.

This modern glass-domed building, which only opened in 2002, houses four museums: the New Collection, the State Museum of Applied Art and Design, the Architecture Museum of the Technical University Munich, and the State Graphic Art Collection.

You can find further exhibition, opening hour and ticket information here.

The Egyptian Museum

In this modern building, only inaugurated in 2013, you’ll find yourself travelling through a time tunnel discovering ancient artefacts from the Egyptian tombs.

This vast collection is not to be missed, with items being treasured since the 16th century by the Bavarian Duke Albrecht V and in particular from King Ludwig I (who we know by now for his passion for art).

Besides rare pieces of hieroglyphics, glassware, jewellery (even from the Nubian queen Amanishakheto), and statues of the pharaohs, there’s also the specular collection of sarcophagi (in particular, the upper part of the sarcophagus of the princess Sat-Djehuti from the 17th dynasty) and texts from the Book of the Death.

What we’ve found very useful (and fun) were the interactive touch screens at each of the display areas. They provided further information that is easy to understand and especially entertaining for children.

Other interesting features of the museum are the large Assyrian relief panels from the Palace of Assurnasirpal II and the tiled lion from the Ishtar Gate of Babylon.

After the educational trip to the Egyptian Museum, you might be inspired to watch The Mummy and Raiders of The Lost Ark with your friends. You can be the “wise guy” pointing out all goofs.

Before you head out to the museum, you can find out further information in our detailed post on the Egyptian Museum Munich

Here, you’ll also find the official information on ticketing and opening hours. 

The few museums mentioned above are just starters to inspire you for more cultural and educational experiences.

To take total advantage of the 1 Euro entrance, you can also add these to your Sunday plan, especially during rainy and more wintery days.

Allianz Arena football stadium munich

Watch FC Bayern at Allianz Arena

Needless to say, even if you’re not a football fan, you know how crazy it can get when there’s a home game with FC Bayern.

As a dominant team in the German Bundesliga football league and famed throughout Europe and internationally, there’s nothing better than watching a game to catch the passion and exhilaration of local fans.

Since 2005, the Allianz Arena has become the home ground for the team. Since then, every single game has been sold out! So if you want to be amongst the 70,000 fans cheering, you’d better book your tickets early.

If you’ve missed out on the chance to watch the game live, a little consolation prize is to visit the FCB Museum or join the tour inside the bubble-like “inflatable boat” stadium. You can reminisce about all the winning moments amongst the golden trophies.

For more on Football Teams in Munich check out our featured blog post on the topic!


Sometimes, new and unforgettable experiences cost, and for something really extraordinary, it costs a lot!

Let’s see if we can convince you to splurge on one of these Unique Munich Experiences, which we think are worth every penny.

BMW Driving Experiences

Munich is the home of the luxurious motor brand BMW (Bavarian Motor Works), here comes a chance for motor fans to indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. (Of course, unless it becomes the starting point of an expensive hobby!)

To kick off, you can first get a taste of luxury by renting their latest model from BMW Welt and cruise around the city.

After a cruisy ride, enjoying all the new and fancy technology, perhaps it’s time to excel to a more exuberant experience. That is, joining the BMW Academy Experiences.

Besides the safety courses with personal trainers, for the daredevils out there, you can try the adrenaline-inducing Drift Training and Race Track Training courses.

In the latest BMW racing car, you can experience driving with up to 480 hp on one of the fastest international racetracks!

If this is not extreme or exorbitant enough, what about reenacting a scene and driving like James Bond in Spectre?

BMW actually offers several programs with Ice Training and Snow Training Deluxe packages. You can even be pampered in a fancy hotel in the Alps like Bond himself. The question is, how deep are your pockets?

For the moment, we’ll just entice you with a teaser.

Paragliding over the Bavarian Alps

On a clear day in Munich, the Bavarian Alps stretch out as far as the eye can see. This is a calling for a day of paragliding adventure.

This time, it’s more affordable! You may say it’s a bit touristy, but why not? After all, the view of the Bavarian Alps is just spectacular.

Paragliding Bavaria

Stretching over 180km along the Alps, there are a great handful of paragliding spots within 2 hours from Munich. So this could be an easy day trip or an extended excursion during your other visits to Bavaria.

For visitors to Munich, we recommend a tandem paraglide experience overseeing the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella castle!

The journey beings with the Tegelberg cable car ride. At the peak, you’ll be calmly gliding from 1730m, catching the panoramic view of the romantic Neuschwanstein Castle and the Ammer Mountains.

Make sure you bring a GoPro to capture the breathtaking scenery!

You can view prices and details from Fly Royal and Flugschule Aktiv.

For those who are already more familiar with the Bavarian Alps and interested in more natural landscapes, Brauneck and Wallberg are other great paragliding spots.

Only 1 hour away from Munich, these areas offer a stunning view of the alpine area, and in particular, the beautiful Tegernsee. There are also several paragliding schools in the area, so it’s ideal if you’re serious about the sport.

For a test drive, you can try the popular tandem flight, the Romantic Road, where couples can enjoy the scenic view side by side.

For the adventure seekers, you can test your fear radar with the FreeStyle Acro tandem. Ready for some spirals and Wing-over aerobatic actions?

MORE Unique Munich Experiences

We hope we’ve given you some new inspirations for what-to-do during your stay here in Munich. 

Perhaps some of these experiences can be utilised as a special gift for someone special to you.

After all, we know how the saying goes, special moments are “Priceless”.

As always, we’d love to hear about your Unique Munich Experiences so please do leave us a comment below!

Cheers and thanks for reading!