KVR: Appointment and Registration in Munich

As a newcomer in Munich, one administration office you’ll quickly encounter is the KVR Munich:
die München KVR (kreisverwaltungsreferat = Regional Administrative Office).

This article was updated to reflect the most recent KVR Munich information including updates to their contacts, processes, and administrative practices in May 2022

KVR Munich: What is It?

The KVR Munich is the Government Department administration office that handles Work Permits, Visas, and Residency among other things.

Inevitably, there are two departments with which you’ll be quickly and involuntarily acquainted within the KVR Munich.

To clarify the confusion, the Bürgerbüro (Citizen’s Bureau) is where you would go to go for your address and car registration (Anmeldung). 

For issues such as visa/blue card/residence permit/passport, you’ll have to go to the “infamous” Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners Office) at Poccistrasse.

Unfortunately, if you ever talked to anyone (local or foreigners) about their experience with the KVR Munich, 10 out of 10 people would tell you it was a nightmare! It is as scary as looking for an apartment rental in Munich.

It is hard to believe that Germany, although recognised as a hi-tech developed country, they are very slow with digitalisation, especially if you compare it to Asia. Even booking a Termin (appointment) online is an art itself.

If there’s anything positive we can say about Corona, is that it actually pushed Germany to be more digitalised.

As new systems had been implemented over the last few months, we want to give you up-to-date information and tips on how to get an appointment with the KVR Munich, so that you will not make the same mistakes as many of us did.

We hope this post will make your KVR Appointment and Registration experience in Munich experience smoother, so you can enjoy Munich without unnecessary headaches.

KVR Bürgerbüro : Citizen's Bureau

If you’ve planned to stay in Germany for over 3 months, there is a Meldepflicht (registration duty) that you register your residence address at the Bürgerbüro. This applies to foreigners and locals.

At any time, if you ended up moving out of Munich, you must also deregister.

This registration is very important, as the Anmeldebescheinigung (registration certificate) is required for almost everything you need in order to settle in Munich. From setting up a bank account, new apartment rental, job applications and eventually for visa/citizenship application.

With this registration, you will also receive your tax ID (steuerliche Identifikationsnummer).

You must do this within 2 weeks of arrival.

Luckily, you can do this in person or authorise another person to register on your behalf. In this case, make sure the authorised person has the required documents, including a confirmation letter (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) from your landlord.

For all the forms and documents required, you can find them here.

As for the Termin itself, thank goodness, besides at Poccistrasse, you can register at multiple KVR Bürgerbüro. The process is fairly straightforward as long as you have provided all the correct documents.

The best way to get an appointment is by online booking using this link.

Unfortunately, all the information is in German.

The picture below here shows the translation.

KVR Bürgerbüro Anmeldung Online Termin Form

Before Corona, it was quite easy to get an appointment. However, as the offices had been closed for a long time, sadly, even if you go to other smaller offices besides the main office at Poccistrasse, it is now tricky.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do except checking the website every day for availability. In our prior experiences, it’s worth checking it early in the morning before the office even opens.

Although this method has not worked for some, it did for us!

In the past, people also queued up at the KVR before the office was actually opened. There is no guarantee for this, especially since the office only allows a restricted number of visitors.

Another option suggested on the official website, is registering by post.

Additionally, you can email the office buergerbuero.kvr@muenchen.de.

You won’t get an appointment through this method, but this is additional evidence that you’ve tried to register, but no appointments were available.

Lastly, if you managed to get an online booking, make sure you check your email to confirm the appointment again! It is not a confirmation email, but a verification. So, don’t make this rookie mistake!!!

KVR Ausländerbehörde : The Munich Foreign Office

As mentioned ealier, the Ausländerbehörde take cares of matters such as citizenship, residence permit and work visas applications.

For the people who arrived before the COVID pandemic, they probably had the experience of queuing up early winter morning in front of KVR hoping for an appointment. Sometimes after long hours of waiting, after receiving a waiting number from a ticket machine, you can still go home empty-handed!

As digitalisation is in demand, the KVR have also evolved. Although the waiting time for an appointment still varies, the online portal is now more organised and efficient. To start, you can find general information on different immigration topics. The good news is, this site is now actually in English.

To Antrag stellen (submit an application), you will have to first complete the online application. After approval, you will then receive an appointment.

If you have a question and would like to book a KVR appointment, you can first upload all the relevant information through this link. You must agree to the privacy policy before filling in the Kontakt Formular (contact form). Note, the Ausländerbehörde will only accept pre-booked appointments.

Although the waiting time is still unknown, but it seems at least the system is now more organised. From my last experience in 2021, although waiting was 6 months, once I’ve actually received an appointment, the process at the KVR was very efficient.

Since my last visit, the KVR building itself has been renovated with a more modern facade. There’s even a nice café at the main entrance. To me is still not very wheelchair or baby pram friendly, but there are some improvements.

The corridors are re-painted to look more friendly and approachable and in the waiting area, there are actually rechargeable USB sockets installed on the waiting benches. The little things count right?

Also unlike “the old days”, instead of queing at front desk to get a ticket number or needing to fight your way to the ticket machine, just for further wait for an appointment, the online registration has cut this process.

From my last experience of collecting my residence permit, I first received a letter of appointment invitation. In the letter, it gave precise instructions what documents I need to bring and things I need to complete prior the appointment. Although it was only German, it was very clear.

In the letter, it specified my waiting number, time slot and the waiting room number. In the waiting room, there was a large screen showing the ticket number and the assigned appointment room. It also indicated the fee amount and payment instructions. The payment was to be completed with a machine installed in the KVR (not at a cashier) before the appointment. So everything was very straightforward.

I waited about 15minutes (compared to my last 3 hours wait) in the waiting room and the appointment itself was also short. Overall, the process took around half an hour. Just make sure you follow all the instructions correctly and bring all the required documents.

Wir drücken der daumen für Sie! Fingers crossed!

I know it’s still frustrating having to wait for a long time for an appointment and it can feel like riding on a never-ending roller coaster. During my wait, I felt very helpless. Luckily, I contacted the Die Rechtshilfe für Ausländer*innen München e.V. This NGO offers free legal consultant service for refugees & immigrants. They were very helpful in explaining my legal rights in Germany and it definitely calmed my fear.

Like many of us, the experience with the KVR can be exhausting. I was over the moon when I eventually received my residence card. It took few a weeks after my appointment and I only need to verify my ID at my local post office. And finally, yeah, I’m officially legal!

So whichever stage of application you’re in, stay optimistic and be patient. There is positivity at the end of the rainbow.

As many of us are still probably struggling with the application process, we love to hear about your journey and experience. Please write to in our comment box. Updated information will be extremely useful!

In the meantime, we hope our posts inspire you to enjoy Munich!

Stay positive and we hope everything will work out soon!

KVR Munich Address & Opening Hours

Landeshauptstadt München
Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR)

Ruppertstraße 19
80466 München

Opening Hours (for general inquiry)
Mon, Weds, Fri : 7.30 – 12.00
Tuesday 8.30 – 12.00, 14.00 – 18.00
Thursday 8.30 – 15.00

München KVR: Kreisverwaltungsreferat Regional Administrative Offices Location Map

With so many different Bürgerbüro locations in Munich, we figured we better help you out with discovering their whereabouts. Below you’ll find all the München Citizens Bureau office locations as well as the Ausländerbehörde München Poccistraße 

The KVR Munich in 2022

Getting an appointment and attending a KVR Munich Appointment in 2022, whilst still being far from easy, is definitely a much-improved process post-Covid.

Staff have been retrained, buildings have been painted and modernised, information has been updated and the experience is not as harrowing as it once was.

It’s still a massive hassle for anyone – even those that speak German – but the digitalisation and streamlining of the department through Covid is certainly appreciated by Germans and Foreigners alike.

De-Registering With the KVR Munich

Sounds crazy but its actually a requirement in Munich (and Germany) to deregister when leaving the country.

If you fail to deregister the German Government may still chase you for taxes among other things.

The Government states that you should’ve sent of your deregistration form no earlier than 7 days before you depart the country and LEGALLY deregistration should occur within 14 days of your departure from Munich (or Germany).


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  1. I’m studying in Munich and need to get my residency permit. You mentioned that the documents had to be uploaded, but I also read at the German consulate website in Australia that I need to bring several copies of documents to present to the Ausländerbehörde. Therefore, I just wanted to know whether I still needed to bring in the hard copies of everything or would uploading be just fine.

    1. Hi Will,
      I would suggest bringing hard copies as well.
      Believe it or not, Germany is actually much more conservative than you think,
      they are still getting used to digitalisation.
      So having hard copies is always a good backup.

  2. So what happens if your visa expires or is close to expiring but you are not able to get an appointment at foreign office in time?

    1. Make sure you write an email to the office expressing that you have tried to book an appointment, but nothing is available.
      This way, at least that works as a backup.
      In my experience, there’s nothing much you can do except trying every day to make an appointment online.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I Mariama Drammeh, am enquiring how and seeking Appointment on when to Extend my Germany schengen visa to be expired?

    What should i do as i lately entered in Germany and family issued.

    1. Hi Mariama,
      If I understood you correctly, you are on the 90 day Schengen Visa.
      In this case, you can make an appointment with the KVR with this link:
      Click , confirm the Privacy Policy, then choose and complete the form.

      Note that this visa can be only extended for “exceptional” reasons.
      You can find out more details here:

      Viel Erfolg – Best of luck!

  4. Is there an email for the KVR Ausländerbehörde similar to the one mentioned for Registration?

    1. Hi Ahmed,
      Here’s the link for contact information (telephone & email).

      Unfortunately, the reply would likely be very slow or that you may not get a direct reply at all.
      You’ll however get an automatically generated reply that they have received your mail.

      Let us know how it went later, it will be helpful for other readers!
      Cheers & good luck!

  5. Hello. Thanks for the helpful article. I’m trying to apply for a residence permit (as a student). My question is, after you submitted the application and required documents, how long did it take for you to get an appointment? And how long did it take to get a residence permit (starting from the day you submitted your documents until you received it? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Ruslan,
      In my experience, the appointment waiting time varies, due to the number of demands at the time.
      At my appointment,everything was approved and I received my residence straight away with a temporary document. I later received my residence card after 4 weeks. The KVR will formally inform you with a letter indicating how long it takes for the card to be received (usually 4-6 weeks).

      All the best!
      Absolute Munich Team

  6. Thank you for this information, it’s been very helpful.

    I decided to come to Munich for a year as some of my family members live there and I was getting really lost on what to do (loving the administrative fun).

    I’m planning to move at the beginning of 2023, so I’ll probably get an ETIAS permit (https://www.etias.us/) to stay there for a few months while I get everything sorted out.

    Thanks again!

  7. Youssef Ahmed Rawy


    I have a current work permit with an old company and I need to switch it to the blue card for a new company.

    I have applied through the online contact formula as Auslander told me and I have uploaded the required documents, then I got confirmation that I have applied online.

    The question here now. I know this takes more weeks around 8 weeks, but I need a supplementary sheet for work or a proof certificate that allows me to work with it as a temporary when I get an appointment.

    1.) Shall I keep tracing with Auslander on the phone?

    2.) Shall I go there 2 hours before opening hours?

    I need a supplementary sheet for work or a proof certificate that allows me to work.

    1. Hi Youssef,

      Congrats on your new job!
      From my experience, since you already have an appointment, calling/visiting the Auslander will not help additionally.
      Understanding your frustration, perhaps you can call and see if the Auslander would give you further advice.
      In most cases, in the matter of being patience.

      All the best! Ich drücke dir die Daumen.
      Absolute Munich Team

  8. Hello and thanks for all these helpful information!

    I arrived in Germany on February with an student visa.
    I could make my appointment online on February 28th and I received my appointment email on March 1st.
    The appointment is in May. 11 weeks after the registration!

    I need to know how long it usually takes to receive the first paper or any evidence that my visa is extended ?
    My visa is already expired…

    1. Hi Niki,
      Welcome to Germany and glad you for your appointment already!
      Since you have an appointment already, in theory, the German government will not punish you for this.

      Your evidence of extension/and extenstion paper if approved should be received at your appointment.

      Best of Luck and hope in the meantime, you can enjoy Munich!

      Absolute Munich Team

    1. Hi John,
      This sounds very exciting.
      As there are different requirements according to your country of origin, education, and financial situation, I would not able to provide one easy answer.
      However, essentially, you will need to apply for a Blue card.
      The following link will provide you with detailed information.

      As the German would say, ich drücke dir die Daumen! (Fingers crossed for you)
      Absolute Munich Team

  9. Hello and thank you for your helpful website and blog!

    My husband and I are trying to get an interim permit to allow us to travel back to the US before the holidays. We are currently waiting for our residence permit appointment and have not heard back from the KVR. We applied Oct 4th and have been here for over 90 days and have been advised not to leave the EU until we get our Residency permit. I have heard that it is possible to get an emergency travel permit and have been to two appointments at the KVR and rejected both times for this permit, though it is not clear why. A friend is in the same situation and is going to get an ‘Erlaubnisfikton’ tomorrow. This requires a passport photo and costs 118 Euro. Can you tell me how I get this appointment online? She is using an agency to help her with this and I am too, but they can’t seem to help me. Also, is it possible to inquire as to where our application is in the process? I understand it typically takes 6-8 weeks but would like to understand if there’s something wrong so it can be fixed before our December travel dates.

    1. Hello Juliet,
      Thank you for following our blog and we are sorry to hear about your situation.
      There are 2 options that you can perhaps try.
      1.Contact the KVR from this link, OR
      2.Follow this link for emergency cases Notfall cases.

      Perhaps this time, during your appointment, you should ask for the reason for the rejection of the previous applications for future references.

      Good luck and wish you all the best!
      Absolute Munich Team

    2. Hi Juliet, I’m in a similar situation. Please how did you sort this out? Did you get the extention or were you able to get an appointment date.

  10. Hello and thank you so much for your insightful informations.

    I have completed all the online process and submitted my application. I’ve also received the first email which stated I have to wait for 2-8weeks for the process. So, i need to wait until they give the second email saying I can come for the appointment. So, I would like to know if after 8 weeks and I still haven’t get any email from them, should i fill in the contact form?

    1. Hi Niya,
      From our experience, it’s quite normal to wait 2-8 weeks. During this period, you should receive a letter with appointment details.
      If you still don’t hear anything after this time, it’s worth filling out the contact form for another appointment.
      We wish you luck!
      Absolute Munich Team

  11. Hi,
    I have applied for permanent residence and it took them 6 months because they lost my documents once , I also had to do safety survey but the question how long should I wait after all this , although I paid and they took my fingerprints.

    1. Hi Mondu,
      That must have been frustrating.
      Unfortunately, we’ve not had this experience.
      Normally, if your application is approved. At the appointment, you should have received a letter stating the waiting time or given a temporary permit till your card arrives.
      We hope that you’ll receive a reply soon. Keep your heads up!
      Absolute Munich Team

  12. Hi,
    I did complete the online process and submitted my application through the portal. I received a email which stated that I’ll have to wait for 2-8weeks. The stated timeframe has crossed and my Residence permit has also expired. I have tried using the contact form twice but still haven’t heard of the appointment. Also, I have an internship offer letter stating I’ll have to join in another two weeks but I couldn’t proceed with the process since my Residence permit has expired and they want the same for signing my contract.
    Is it possible to make an emergency appointment for the same or do I need to wait for them to respond?

  13. Hello!
    I have a residency card/permit visa. It expires the 24th. of March2023.
    I applied for an appointment to renew it the 28th. of November when I came back to Germany. I received a responce that I would hear something in 2 to 8 weeks. On 3-20 2023, I checked again, (called) and was advised that I would be contacted closer to the expiration date of my current visa. That was 16 weeks.
    I have a ticket to return to the states on May 2nd.
    I’m afraid to wait past the expiration date to leave the country because passport control at the airport told me if I ever showed up there again with an expired visa I would be in serious trouble.
    I can’t afford to wait until a day or two before I have to leave to book a flight, so I’m not sure what to do.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  14. Hi,
    Would appreciate some advice on my situation. I have already submitted all my documents nearly 3 months ago. I submitted everything via post addressed to the kvr personel who had processed my previous extension. However, since then i haven’t heard from them, no confirmation, no appointment. I am applying for the Niederlassungserlaubnis and i am pretty sure i have all the required documents and meet all the prerequisites. I tried calling but was told on the phone that they can’t check and i have to write an email and that it ‘takes time to process and i should wait’. But my current permit expires early next month. i submitted a question about this through their online portal but it says the reply can take up to 4 weeks. I am wondering if i should wait a little longer or get legal help at this point.

    1. Hi Felicia,
      From your reply, it seems you have not received an official confirmation that your application is received or is in the process.
      It could be worthwhile to apply on-line so yo can be sure that the application is received.
      Here is the link for online registration, this at least you have a record.
      We hope you will receive some positive news soon!
      Warm Regards,
      Absolute Munich Team

  15. Hi,
    for my new job, my company has asked to extend visa before providing a contract as i only have 15 days left on my Visa currently. I am trying to book an emergency appointment for fiktions to submit at my company but as you know all appointments for the next months are booked. I have been refreshing at the online booking tools for a week now. Are there any specific timings for posting new appointments?? is there a better and faster way to get fiktions atleast so i can start working??

  16. Hi ,
    Thank you for such a wonderful information,
    I have been living in Munich since 2012 with my husband and I have been issued with permanent residence, after Brexit in 2021 I received letter from kvr to send copies of my passport and residence permit which I did send by post and E-Mail , when I did not hear from them , I did visited the kvr office, then they cancelled my permanent residence and instead issued me with Fiktionsbescheinigung for 6 months and told me they will contact me by letter or email, since 2021 no appointment, every 6 month I used to go and Stand two to three hours on the queue get renewed, but now I couldn’t get an appointment and my Fiktionsbescheinigung is expired on 5th of March 2023 , since January 2021 I am waiting, any idea will be appreciated

    1. Hi Hayat,
      we hope the KVR has now replied to your request.
      If your visa will effect you by the following: Threat of loss of employment, Imminent loss of benefits (for example unemployment benefit or student loan)
      Urgent travel for personal or professional reasons within the next seven days (such as business trip, illness, death),
      you can use this Emergency link for assistance.
      Hope this information helps.
      Absolute Munich Team

  17. Hello,

    My visa will expire in 2 days, I applied for a residence permit along with my wife who had applied for a Blue Card. We id this together, however, although my wife got her appointment and even fiktionsbescheinigung, I still havent received anything except for the email that they had received my application. Is this normal? I thought couples got their appointments together. Also, should I just wait now, even though my visa is about to expire? And will this impact me in getting a job? (I already have one here in Munich but I am getting better opportunities)

    1. Hi Samarth,
      We hope you have now received your residence permit or at least received an appointment.
      Is worthwhile to speak to the advisor about your situation during your wife’s appointment.
      Since your residence title for employment is tied to your company for the first two years. If you want to change the company, the approval of the Foreigners’ Registration Office and, if necessary, the Federal Employment Agency is required. You can apply through the following link:
      It could be worthwhile to settle your residence permit before switching jobs.
      All the best,
      Absolute Munich Team

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