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5 Best Towns to Visit in Bavaria [UNMISSABLE]

We’ve already blogged about the 5 Best Cities in Bavaria to visit, so the next logical progression was that we’d put together our selection of the 5 Best Towns To Visit in Bavaria also.

With sweeping valleys, shining lakes, and lofty mountain peaks, Bavarian scenery is famous across the world for its beauty. 

It’s no surprise then, that Bavaria is also home to some of the most charming towns in all of Germany

Whether you want to indulge in traditional German wursts, don your lederhosen for cultural festivals, or simply take a stroll around stunning historic centers, Bavaria is packed full of quaint towns to do just this.

Here is a list of the Best Towns to Visit in Bavaria, loved by locals, and tried and tested by travelers, for the full Bavarian experience.


Right on the southern border of Bavaria with Austria, Füssen is a popular winter destination for those that love to hit the nearby ski slopes. 

It’s also very well known, in musical circles, for its centuries-old tradition of violin making. In fact, at one point in the 18th Century, there were over 80 violin-makers in the town. Today the Füssen School of Violin Making is renowned throughout the world and continues the age-old tradition through the 21st Century.

The downtown area and old square are the pictures of fairy tale Bavarian villages, ready and waiting for you to enjoy a glass of locally made schnapps whilst sitting at cafes lining the wonderfully “old-world” cobbled streets. 

The building facades here in downtown Füssen are some of the most Instagrammable you’ll ever come across and are shaded in all manner of different soft pastel colours.

At 808m-1200m above sea level, Füssen is the highest town in Bavaria and is set within a dramatic backdrop of towering mountain peaks and surrounded by a twinkling lake-covered landscape.

The real highlight here in Füssen however, is the ever-popular tourist attractions of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles, which are only a 5-minute drive away from the town. They are perhaps the most visited attractions in Bavaria and one of the top castle attractions on the planet.

Right at the southern end of Germany’s Romantic Road and nestled on the banks of the River Lech, Füssen is a must visit town in Bavaria

Why not come and see it for yourself.

best towns to visit in bavaria featuring lindau


The town of Lindau is a nature lover’s paradise and is certainly proof that the best things often come in small packages. 

The imposing Lighthouse and Bavarian Lion at the entrance to Lindau Harbour is undoubtedly the most photographed scene in Lindau, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re visiting a seaside village rather than a landlocked lake town. 

Lindau’s gorgeous old town is actually on an island in Lake Constance connected to the mainland by a vehicle and rail bridge.

Feeling energetic – perhaps consider the 26 Kilometer panorama cycling circuit taking in the most magnificent scenic spots on the lake, or maybe enjoy an afternoon of sailing with one of the sailing schools located near the harbour.

For Coffee Lovers there are plenty of promenade cafes, and culturally, consider taking in a show at the Lindau Theatre with a performance from the famous Lindau Puppet Opera.

The evening in Lindau is a gastronomical delight with a wide selection of lakeside and old town eateries to choose from. Check out the picturesque Maximilianstrasse in the middle of the Island/Olt Town where some of Bavaria’s best restaurants are located.

Lindau has something for everyone with plenty to see and do both on the island and on the mainland. Autumn around Lake Constance in the Lindau Region sees a program of food festivities entitled “Pleasure Knows no Bounds” and is one of the best times to visit this amazing Bavarian town.

best towns to visit in bavaria featuring Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Also known as Ga-Pa, or simply as Garmisch, this Bavarian ski resort is easy to reach via Deutsche Bahn (Train)  from Munich or, from Austria, it’s just an hour’s drive across the border from Innsbruck and its international airport. 

Garmisch-Partenkirchen town is home to the Highest Mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze, which is a great day trip out from Munich. Its towering snowy peak is visible throughout the valley.

Originally actually two towns, Garmisch and Pertenirchen were merged back in 1936 for the benefit of the Winter Olympic Games that were held in Bavaria. 

Garmisch is generally known to be the fashionable part of the town with Partenkirchen the more historical. Together they complement each other perfectly and provide both the perfect alpine base for both summer and winter activities. 

From the lofty heights of the Zugspitz at 2962 meters above sea level to the lowly depths of the nearby Partnatch Gorge, Garmisch offers a multitude of sights and activities. 

After hiking, exploring, and high altitude sun-seeking in the summer maybe consider a brisk and invigorating swim in one of Garmisch’s three lakes, Lake Pflegersee, Lake Eibsee, and Lake Riessersee, where the summer water temperature can actually get to as warm as 22 Degrees C.

Or after a hard day’s skiing on the Zugspitze make your way to one of the many Apres Ski options for some warming schnapps, mulled wine or cold beer.

Whatever you decide to do here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the fresh clear mountain air seems to refresh the body and mind and we’re sure you’ll come away feeling a new lease of life from a visit to the town.

best towns to visit in bavaria featuring mindelheim


Just an hour’s drive west of Munch stands the capital of the Unterallgäu district, Mindelheim

This is one of the best towns to visit in Bavaria for its medieval roots, and you’ll be seduced by the winding alleys of its old town and the remnants of its medieval towers and town walls.

Explore the old town and the historic city gates on a walking tour, before brushing up on your knowledge of medieval Bavarian fashion at the Textilmuseum. Or maybe indulge your culinary senses before finding out about the 400-year-old History of Church Clocks at the Schwäbisches Turmuhrenmuseum.

In fact the town has some fabulous small museums that are all worth a peek but make sure to hit up the tourist information center first, especially if you require attractions that have information in English.

Check out Schloss Mindelburg which stands sentinel over the town from its perch above the River Mindel.

Mindelheim is also host to the Frundsbergfest, a 160-year-old event that is a celebration of Mindelheim’s unique Bavarian inheritance. 

Alternatively, if you’re a music lover, the annual spring jazz festival is a big hit with locals and visitors alike.

Probably the least well-known on our list of the 5 Best Towns to Visit in Bavaria but trust us when we say, this is a place that’s easy to fall in love with.

best towns to visit in bavaria featuring berchtesgaden


To finish out this list of the 5 Best Towns to Visit in Bavaria, the alpine town of Berchtesgaden is a hidden gem that many travelers miss. 

With a population of fewer than 8000, Berchtesgaden is the perfect place to unwind at the end of your Bavarian travels. 

Aside from traditional alpine sports and scenic hiking trails, Berchtesgaden is the home of some 500-year-old salt mines that provided a great economic boost to the Bavarian town. 

For thrill-seekers, the 110ft wooden slides into the mines are a great way to get your adrenaline pumping, before settling down with an underground boat ride, and a treatment in the salt-themed spa.

Most infamously, however, is the town’s proximity to The Kehlsteinhaus (Eagles Nest), which was built by the Nazi Party for both Government and social functions.

It’s hard to believe that such divisive and ultimately evil plans may have come from a location that looks so heavenly. The views from the top here are breathtaking to say the least.

Mountain lakes abound in the Berchtesgaden area with the most famous being the wonderful and peaceful Lake Königssee where tower rock cliffs welcome the visitor to an absolutely stunning part of Germany.

Best Towns to Visit in Bavaria: A Final Word

Well there you have it, our wrap of the 5 Best Towns to Visit in Bavaria

Rest assured, however, there are plenty of other amazing towns in Bavaria near Munich and we’ll inevitably blog about more of them in the future.

We do hope you decide to Immerse yourself in Bavaria’s rich culture and majestic landscape, and that this short guide on Towns in Bavaria was helpful to you.

If you enjoyed this article then why not check out our guide to the Best Cities to Visit in Bavaria also?

That’s it for now, take care and happy travels.